Our infant program is filled with lots of love and nurturing for our youngest students, ages 4 weeks to 15 months.


The Classroom


When you visit our infant classroom, you will find a calm, soothing, and warm atmosphere. We create a homey environment that will help make your child feel comfortable and relaxed. 


In our napping area you will find wooden cribs (which all meet the newest Consumer Product Safety Commission standards), low lighting, and soothing colors. An oscillating fan is also provided in the napping area (as research has shown that using a fan where infants sleep, increases air flow and helps reduce the risk of SIDS). When the children are napping, lullabies, classical music, or nature sounds, are playing in the background.

Our infant play space has many soft areas for your baby to comfortably play, whether they are having tummy time, or crawling around. You will find activity play gyms, play mats, boppy pillows, and toys to grasp and mouth,  for our youngest infants. For our infants that are starting to move around, we have various surface levels including a ramp and slide,  a "cruising" shelf that has a rounded lip and is just the right height for your child to use as they are learning to pull themselves up to a standing position, and as they learn to walk,and baskets and fabric bins with lots of smaller toys for our  the children to explore with their senses. Many of our materials are natural textures from the environment that offer varied sensory experiences.


"My 3 month old started going to LFLC when he was only 6 weeks old which as a first time mom was so hard, but LFLC and the staff were all so understanding and were always great about letting me know how he was doing. He loves daycare and is always smiling when I drop him off in the morning. So far I am very happy with LFLC." -Sarah, Haverhill, MA



At Little Footprints Learning Center, even our youngest infants are growing and learning. Our developmentally appropriate activities will foster their learning to help them reach new milestones.

Our infants spend a lot of time playing on the floor. They will have tummy time to help develop their arm, neck, and back muscles, as well as learning to lift their heads. While lying on their backs the infants are placed under activity gyms so they can look at dangling toys, developing their eye muscles. As they get a little older, they practice hand and eye coordination, as they reach for the dangling toys. 

During floor play,  their little bodies are wriggling and moving around, which strengthens other muscles to help them with rolling over, and eventually, sitting up.


Toys with contrasting colors, various textures, and sounds are provided to stimulate your child's sense of sight, touch, and sound.

Toys such as nesting cups, stacking rings, and soft blocks develop their fine motor skills as they mouth (toys disinfected after use), drop, and hold these toys. They eventually learn how to nest and stack these toys, with practice.

Teachers engage the children daily with music, stories, and other sensory activities, such as blowing bubbles, water play,  outdoor play, and walks.

Your Child’s Needs

In our infant program, the key aspect is the care that your child receives. We focus on giving your child individual attention and tending to their needs. For basic needs, the teachers will talk to you to find out your child's schedule for feeding and napping, and we will keep the same consistency for them while at Little Footprints. 
Our teachers spend time cuddling with the children, holding, and rocking them. They also spend lots of time on the floor playing and interacting with your child.

*Student-teacher ratio: 3:1 or 7:2
*Information sheets are sent home daily, to let you know about their day (diapering, naps, etc).

*Developmental Progress Reports are done quarterly for each child.

*Parents provide diapers, wipes, labeled bottles, food and a change of clothing.

*We provide crib bedding, receiving blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and eating utensils for your child.

*Our infant play area is a shoe-free zone. Parents are welcome in this area if they remove their shoes or use disposable shoe covers, which we provide. (No bare feet please!).