Toddler II

From 24 months to 2 years, 9 months, Toddler II students have a growing attention span, and are developing interests and forming friendships with their peers.


The Classroom
Our older toddler classroom looks more similar to our preschool/pre-k classroom with various centers for the children to explore. 

The blocks and building center is filled with building materials and items for imaginative play including unit blocks, hollow blocks, animals, people, dinosaurs, trains, vehicles, and loose parts. 


Dramatic Play is in a cozy nook within the classroom where the children "cook" and mix-up concoctions using real pots, pans, and utensils. They will also care for the babies with feeding, changing, and putting them to bed in the real toddler bed that is in this center. This toddler bed is often also used as a gathering place for cooking, discussions, and relaxing.
This center is also home to our dress-up clothing but these dress-ups will often be seen throughout the classroom as they participate in other areas, while in their "get-ups"!

Our art center has three sensory tables, a child size table and chairs, and a paint easel for letting the children's creativity run wild! There is also shelving with art supplies (scissors, crayons glue, pom poms, paper, feathers, and whatever else the teachers add to enhance creativity) that the children can independently access. 

Another table area is provided for fine motor activities, including puzzles, peg boards and pegs, lacing, sorting, and other rotated materials.

Many soft nooks are found throughout the classroom for quiet or individual time. Some of these areas include flannel and magnetic boards and books for browsing.

In a small nook of the classroom you may see children standing around the light table where translucent learning materials  are provided to explore, experiment, and discover!


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Your Child's Needs
Although the toddler II students are really enjoying  their new-found independence, they are still little and they need to be reassured by the adults around them. The teachers spend on-on-one time with them throughout the day. Sometimes they will climb into the teachers lap for a story,  a hug, or for a little chat.
The teacher's provide the children with the space they desire, while still being available to them when needed.

Your child will have a morning snack, afternoon snack and lunch while at LFLC. If your child arrives early, they are also welcome to have their breakfast at school. We understand that children at this age are very picky eaters, so we encourage a variety of foods for them to choose from.

*Student-teacher ratio: 4:1 or 9:2 

*Developmental Progress Reports are done for each child, bi-annually.

*Parents provide diapers, wipes, food, snacks, drinks and a change of clothing.