Our mission is to create a fully rounded, high quality and truly enjoyable growth experience for young children through hands-on experiences, play, exploration, and discovery.


"The staff at Little Footprints Learning Center are friendly and knowledgeable about child development. They provide my two children with loving care and the school has a warm, friendly atmosphere. It's like a little family. The staff takes the time to get to know my children as individuals and genuinely care about them. My children love to go to school here." - Katherine

Little Footprints is an environment-based program for care and learning. We believe that the two are inseparable. Children learn from the entire experience the day provides. The way time and space are planned, the furnishings, the equipment and materials, and all the ways adults and children behave, “teach” the child what the world is like, how it works, what the child is capable of, and his/her place in it.

"LFLC provides the nurturing and learning environment they need. We are so grateful Jen and her team has always been so great at meeting our family’s needs." - Hope & James