Frequently Asked Questions

 Tuition and Payments:

Does your school accept state vouchers?
 Unfortunately we do not accept vouchers. It is private-pay only.

 Do you accept credit cards for tuition payment?
 Yes, we do accept credit cards, as well as checks and money orders. If you are paying for the month with a credit card, you would not qualify for the 5% monthly payment discount. We do not accept cash payments.


Being a play-based school, will my child have the same learning benefits as if my child attends a "traditional" preschool?
Yes. Absolutely, and often more!  I cannot emphasize enough that children learn so much through play, and the teachers make sure that children are given every opportunity to learn math, science, writing, reading, science, art, and music through their play.

You offer an emergent curriculum. What does that mean?
An emergent curriculum is where the ideas and subjects the children study, "emerge" from the children. The teachers observe, listen, and document their play and find out the interests of the children. The teachers will ask questions, have conversations, and provide guidance and materials to support their curiosities. The children may develop an interest that is studied for a few days, a week, or a few months. We want the children to have an interest in what they are learning about, and we follow their lead.

Will my child be prepared to go to kindergarten, after attending Little Footprints?
Overwhelmingly, research has shown that children need to have a good foundation to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Part of that foundation is to provide children with opportunities for play, exploration, and discovery. Through these experiences the children will naturally engage in mastering areas that will prepare them for kindergarten. With the foundation we lay for your child at Little Footprints Learning Center, they will have the best opportunity for success as they move on in the later years.